Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gambar Desktop 3D & Bergerak

Looking for a screen saver that would bring more life to your desktop? Would you like to make your desktop more interesting? If you are looking for an amazing screen saver that would bring excitement on your very own desktop, you should use Watery Desktop 3D.

Watery Desktop 3D is a screen saver that would give you the ability to add watery effects on your desktop. It can be waves, rain or any other water related images. This screen saver can be configured so it would absolutely give you the best performance right from your very own hardware. It would just use a few of your resources so you never should worry about any interfere with your computer’s performance. It is offered through either the whole screen mode or the desktop mode.

Just imagine a desktop that would look like everything on your screen is sinking or flooded. Now, isn’t that fun? Try Watery Desktop 3D now and enjoy its amazing effects.

Trial Version Limitations:

- There is a reminder text on your desktop after two minutes.
- Nag screen.
- The program stops after 3 minutes.

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